VIDEO: The Difference between a Boss and a Leader

February 12, 2016 2:00 AM

LifeHack: A boss is different from a leader. A boss can be a leader – but not necessarily.

A boss is your boss: the one with the nice, sleek room at the end of the corridor. A leader can be your supervisor or the colleague who sits next to you and shares your stapler.

There are two reasons why people don’t say “like a leader!” as a catchphrase. One, it sounds weird and unfunny. Two, it takes more than just bossing people around to be a leader.

A boss’ goal is to get things done, while a leader, not only gets things done, they empower and motivate their team. Real leaders make things better; they don’t just point out what’s wrong.

A boss is always the center of attention. A leader is someone who steps back and brings out the best in the team.

A boss can provide good or bad leadership. But a good leader can never be a bad boss. A boss gives the task to someone who is a leader, while a leader does the task with the team. After doing this, a boss will take credit for a job well done, while the leader will take the whole team out for drinks.

People may respect the boss, but everyone loves the leader.

Still confused? Check out this infographic from 9gag.


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