This Kid lost 75% of his vision from a toy you probably have in your house!

January 11, 2016 4:10 PM

This Australian Kid was playing with a toy he got from his parents and lost 75%  of his vision.

You have definetly owned this and probably you still own it.

This is a laser pointer, an object that kids love because it suggests a red dot at a great distance and allows small comic farces. 

It was hard on the parents to actually think they're the reason behind this since they bought him the laser. The boy pointed it to his eyes, though not being aware of the dangers that it could generate. In doing so, at the end of the day it was already losing his vision.

The six years old boy, after complaining of not seeing clear, consulted a specialist with his worried parents. The doctor examined him and found that the back of the retina and had minor burns but highly dangerous to the eyes. The boy felt no pain but could see only 25% of its normal capacity.

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