The prince Amir turn things around in Riyadi's win over mouttahed 83-77

January 23, 2016 2:00 AM

Once again "The Prince" Amir Saoud stepped in big time for his club to give the yellows a deserved 83-77 win over mouttahed.

With their 5th consecutive win, Riyadi tops the Pepsi Lebanese basketball League with no "Loose" record.

Ramel Curry was missing from Mouttahed today due to personal issues. Despite playing with two foreigners, the guest played performed well and gave a tough performance.

Mouttahed dominated the first three quarters with the trio Taylor-Terry-Turk raining threes and managed to finish the 3rd quarter 59-53.Also Tangy Osman was a huge push for mouttahed especially on defense.

But the X-Factor of riyadi club in the last game, the assasin prince Amir Saoud turned the table on the hosts with his clutch 3's (11Pts/3Steals) alongside Wael Arakji(9Pts/8 ASSISTS) who exploded in the last quarter to give their team a well-deserved win over Mouttahed in Manara.

Riyadi will play its next game in Dik El Mehdi on the 1st of February against Champville with no fans allowed.

Mouttahed on the other hand will host Sagesse in Tripoli on the 29th in an important fixture. 

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