PHOTOS: A big brawl after Champville and Hoops game ! Marwan Ziade Injured from the fight !

January 19, 2016 2:00 AM

After a bad start of the season, Hoops club managed to get back on track with an Overtime win over Champville in Dik El Mehdi 97-94! 

This win is the second in a Row for Hoops who lost their first two games against sagesse and Riyadi and won their last two game against Tadamon and Champville.

With no doubt that this tension game was a defensive one, especially under the basket. Hoops Lost the Trio William Bird,Tyron Nelson and Marwan Ziade with 5 fouls when nikoloz attacked the basket.

Champville managed to get back to the game and finish the 4th quarter 85-85 to take the game to an Overtime.

As usual, Ali Mezher and Izzat Qaissi continued their stunning performance to lead their team to a 97-94 win over champville in Overtime.

The Game ended in the worst way. A fight between Izzat and Mark Korjyan that led to a fight between Champville fans and the police to enter the court.

The Latest updates came from with a photo of injured marwan Ziade that got beaten by the fans:


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