Lebanese Basketball Bloopers and Facts, 2016 Edition !

February 11, 2016 2:00 AM

The Number 1 sport in Lebanon has become the "talk of the Town" and BUZZ on social media with the big bloopers we've seen so far.

Here's the TOP 10 bloopers and Facts about Lebanese Basketball :

1-Louaize Team Foreigners missed more easy dunks than the ones scored.

2-The LBL is the only league where the referees come to the court with private security.

3-The Game postponed 40 mins, the referees doesn't show up at a game (Tadamon vs Champville)

4-The Police at some Lebanese Teams stadiums is more in numbers than the fans.

5-A player decides not to play the game on match-day. (Deshawn Sims vs Louaize) "Because champville want to release him:

6-Players play without an Official contract. (Hoops club) Not in a bad way!

7-There are more technical fouls called then normal fouls

8-The FLB President or secretary sits on the substitute chair and the player stands or sits on the floor.

9-It is allowed only for the home fans to attend the game and still we can see small fights between the SAME fans.

10-The ONLY league where fans are not allowed to bring water bottles to the game.

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