Fouad Abou chacra Left ! What's next for sagesse ?

December 6, 2015 1:15 PM

Photo Credit: SportsCode

The green castle fans woke up to an unusual sunday morning. Mr.Joseph abd el massih , guest of inside game , delivered a shocking news : "Bou chacra has left sagesse by mutual consent" .

Opinions about FAC leaving sagesse were with and against. Some supporters thanked FAC for his time and wished he never left. others saw it as a positive decision to let him go for not winning any remarquable championship in those years and others blamed the admins.

But the one question asked by all the Greens : "What's next for sagesse ?"

After those years , not winning the league , club's problems ,investors coming and leaving every year with no stability..

Is it time for sagesse to change something ? was Bou chacra the main reason for failure ? who will drive the green bus this year ?

All we can say , that from what we've saw, the admins accomplished a lot in the past years , beating all the odds to pay their duties even if it was late, specially this year after showing everyone that with a small budget they built a team that can compete and won the BAT against Khazzouh. 

All these years the club was great , with khazzouh , rustom , akl and stephan the dream team, the problem wasn't financially at all , the problem was pure technical mistakes. 

The more the club is successful the more the war is tough against it. 

An unknow source: assistant coach Dikran will possibly be replacing FAC.

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