18 Things You Didn't Know it Existed !

January 24, 2016 2:00 AM

We bet you didn't even know thet EXIST !!

1. The Drone Waiter

via Business Insider 

2. A swagged-out acne treatment

via Stash Magazine 

3. A lazy pet owners dream 

via Keep Busy 

4. Freezie grips

via xgiggles

5. Bicycle pizza cutter

via  Magnetica Magazine 

6. Not an invention - but still odd (and adorable!)

via Merchant circle

7. Bed leg outlets 

via Geekchic

8. It's like a tooth pick, but for an Oreo

via Bunnyfoot 

9. Cat macaroon bed 

via foodbeast 

10. His and hers bathtub 

via gadgets4guys 

11. The coolest ensemble, ever

via artcaragency 

12. Cyber Tea

via theVine

13.  The catch-all bib 

via As Failed on TV

14. USB hand warmers

via backyardbite

15.  Parental guidance advised 

via photoshop-fails.vidzhare 

16. Fold-able wall mounted BBQ 

via Amazing Pictures 

17. Macaroni and cheese....flavoured lip balm 

|via fun cage

18.  Miss your dog ? Set up a video chat 

via Dump a day

Source: Diply

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